Lufthansa | FRA-JFK | Airbus A380 (With terrifying 13L Canarsie approach)

Hey IFC!
Ok first things first. I should not have done the Canarsie approach in the A380, and definitely should’ve have done it for the very first time in the A380 because the plane is very not sensitive and is hugely massive. Another fact, this is the only UVAL route to KJFK, United abandoned JFK a while ago (More on that here) and mostly moved to EWR and UVAL wants to favor EWR as much as possible which is why we have only one flight to JFK. Anyways, great flight!
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Super
Let’s take a look.
Gear up 25C

Reaching the coast of somewhere

Ok actually leaving the UK now

Skipping the Atlantic because there is not much to see

Starting the absolutely terrifying approach

Final moments before landing

Making the turn

Very surprisingly I made it down! Thank gosh.

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Ah! Such a beautiful view of The Coast of Somewhere!


Are you from New York? I find that most of the IFC members who know about the 13L visual are from the area (like me). It is a very fun approach to do, although personally I wouldn’t have used the A380 like you said. The first and second pictures are very nice though!


@Joseph_Spinner no I’m not, but I always try to be realistic as possible, and I saw that’s what they were doing at JFK then IRL. And also I have seen videos and it looks fun so I wanted to give it a try, even if it was in the A380.

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Very cool scenery ! Great job ✈️

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Canarsie approach is always a treat to see IRL and in IF. Trust me it never ceases to amaze me coming from someone living under the flight path. It gets easier, I’m telling ya. But still looks likr yoy had a great time!

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In IF the runway is still 150ft wide, not the updated 200ft like IRL, so it made it more tricky as well having a more narrow runway.

Nice pictures!!!