Lufthansa | FRA-BOG | Airbus A340-600

Hey IFC!
This is on my list of top favorite oceanic routes, behind JFK/LHR, and SYD/LAX. Bogota is also on my list of top favorite high altitude international airports, behind DEN and ZRH. So this is a pretty awesome route.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are here!
Our ride for today

Blasting out of Frankfurt

Climbing high

Reached cruise

Flying past strange Atlantic islands

Skipping ahead, flying over the coast of South America

Flying along the border of mountains and plains, a very windy combo

Descending into Bogota

Safe landing at 8361ft

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Hey, Really nice pics you got there, beautiful aircraft and livery!

I clicked on a random aircraft on map flight and I saw you doing this flight! Coincidence, eh?

Keep up the great pics!

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Wow mate ! Love to see some other guys flying the A340 🥺


Nice shots and cool route! A340 is really underused in IF.