Lufthansa flight group Berlin to Vargis

Lufthansa flight group
Today our flight will start in Berlin and will end in Vargis
Our flight is in the expert server

The ICAO code for Berlin Airport is EDDB and that for Vargis Airport is EKVG

The duration of the flight is 1 hour and 50 minutes

I was too lazy to take a photo, I hope it won’t be too disturbing for you

what time?

Make sure to add an event function, gate assignments, rules, and ATC. You have to add the time too

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AHH I forgot, these are the gate terminal 1 B and the time is a priori 6:20 p.m.

What day, what time zone?

I won’t be able to tell the time but I know it starts in 10 minutes

Wouldnt recommend making an event 10 minutes before it starts.

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Oh ok, so in 30 minutes?

Probably few days before was better

None of these are required. The main thing that’s required is using the Create Event tool for sharing the date and time


@Klian - I suggest just taking a peek at this thread for a bit of help, as well as maybe give it a bit more time for people to see it and join if they’d like. My advice is at least 2-3 hours of notice, however more is always better.

Best of luck with the flight! :)


Ah ok, I must have misunderstood how to plan a flight group I’m rescheduling the flight group tomorrow at the same time

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