Lufthansa DC-10 Old Livery

Since the DC-10 and MD-11 are very likely to be added to IF next year, here’s another great livery that should be added:

(Picture from
The DC-10 has been in LH’s fleet long enough to be painted in the current livery, however, I think the DC should get the old paint scheme of LH since it fits its era better and stayed with the plane for a longer time.

(This livery has been requested some time ago, however, with very little feedback. The topic is closed, so I decided to create a new one due to the new developments regarding the DC/MD


We need this!

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We need this

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Why don’t we wait until the voting poll is closed to make assumptions?

Looks nice, I like retro livery’s.

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Looks amazing glad you decided to restart the topix

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Looking good.

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This is a must have livery in IF!

Please don’t post on topics that are more year old. Mods, please close this. Thanks!


Why should I not post on topics that are old?

It’s a violation of our community guidelines, thats why. If you wish to see this added, go right ahead and make a brand new request with more information and substance than this one, and have the Moderators close this one.


Oh sorry for that apologise.