Lufthansa- Dash In Dash Out @ EDDL - 041900ZMAR17

Server: Training

Region: *Amsterdam *

Airport: EDDL

Time: 1900z

NOTAM: We are back! Lufthansa Virtual Airline will be hosting a touch and go event departing from EDDL in the Dash 8 to represent the introduction of Lufthansa Regional to our fleet! We will depart from EDDL (Dusseldorf) at 1905zulu and head over to EHBK for one touch and go before completing the return leg to EDDL where you have the choice of either a full stop landing or a second touch and go before coming in for your final landing. Our aim is for a fun relaxed event however expect everyone to maintain a good level of professionalism.
Speed: 190kts, Vertical Speed: 2000fpm

Speed: 220kts, Altitude: 8,000

Descend at pilots discretion however remain well spaced ensuring our controllers can get you all down safely.

Gates Available are Below:
C01: @15shawo
C02: @CasaAviation
C03: @RedarPhel
C04: @aviaperevozchik
C05: @Sultan_Dhanhani
C06: @LXvirtualPILOT
C07: @loganhauk
C08: @TooDeadToDie
B09: @Trumpeteerjones
B01: @Liam_purcell
Please Remember Dash 8 In the Lufthansa Regional Livery only

Drop a reply below or message me if you would like a gate or any more information and FEEL FREE TO APPLY TP LUFTHANSA VA AT-


I’ll try to join you guys ;)

Great- take gate C03. Hopefully I’ll see you there

Just to be sure, when you say 1900z, it means 19:00 GMT+1 ?

1900zulu is UK time

Thanks Harry

Add me please thanks

Will do- youll have gate C05 look forward to flying with you

I am also coming to this event tomorrow

Great take gate C06- hope to see you there

I will be there! :'D

I’ll take gate c07 please

Ill control for you guys

Hi we already have a controller however if you’d like to be involved in future lufthansa events please drop me a message and I’m sure something can be arranged.

Harry Cook
Lufthansa VA president

Route information will be available from Lufthansa 1 so please copy from him

Add me please , I will join you in this trip . Thanks

Take gate b05 please thanks

Everyone please be aware due to winds we’re changing the cruise altitude to 5000

Can I join please I want do it I’m a good pilot I’m Air Force proud95


I have arrived …