Lufthansa creates a small reserve airline

The German airline wants to prevent another chaos summer under any circumstances. That’s why Lufthansa is planning with 37 reserve aircraft right now.
On time is different. In 2018, almost every third flight from Lufthansa arrived too late. The blame was the summer chaos in 2018 as a result of strikes, staff shortages of airports and air traffic control, weather capers, more traffic and mismanagement of the airlines. This should not be repeated in 2019. “In order to avoid a scenario like last summer, we are planning more reserves,” says Lufthansa sales chief Heike Birlenbach in an interview with aeroTELEGRAPH.

It is not about a few fliers anymore. "We are planning group-wide 37 reserve aircraft this summer. That’s the size of a small airline that we plan to use there, "says Birlenbach. This is possible on the one hand by a purification of the flight plan, but also by the use of additional leased aircraft. As many as eight jets and their crew from Adria Airways, Air Baltic, Air Nostrum and Sun Express have secured Lufthansa for themselves. The other group airlines plan similarly.

More time scheduled on the ground
That’s not enough. “In order to have as few problems as possible, we adapted the processes on the ground and, for example, planned more time for the turnarounds,” explains Birlenbach. That is, the time between the arrival and the new departure of an airman has been increased. However, there is no guarantee that everything will be fine this summer. "However, problems arising from tight air traffic control capacities will still exist this year. That’s where politics are called for »warns Birlenbach.


How many small airlines does Lufthansa want?
Their current subsidiaries are

  • Austrian Airlines

  • Swiss Airlines

  • Brussels Airlines

  • Air Dolomiti

  • Eurowings

  • Edelweiss Airlines

  • Germanwings (they own)

Seems they want more 🤨


No only for the summer.

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This should be in #real-world-aviation

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That’s quite confusing, and I don’t see the point. On time performance isn’t guaranteed

But last year was a completely collapse in the German aviation

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