Lufthansa Cityline | FRA-BRU | Mitsubishi CRJ-900LR

Hey IFC!
Germany really is beautiful. It doesn’t have mountains like that Alps but it still has some really cool landscape.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122

Route: Frankfurt Am Main EDDF - Brussels EBBR
The photos are here!
Our ride for today, with an LH-A350 in the background

A350 being impatient and creating a near collision

Zipping out of Frankfurt

Climbing high

Made it to cruise


Final 25L at Brussels

Safe landing in BRU!

Takeoff and landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!
Edit: here is the near collision video

I don’t know why people hate on the CRJ’s, and I don’t know why people hate on Lufthansa’s new livery. Both are amazing. I love flying the CRJ-900 and 700. They really allow you to get into the little corners of the world that you can’t to in big planes. It’s on my IF bucket list to fly a CRJ-200 from JFK-LCY one day 🤣. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


Nice shots! The CRJ is a beauty.
I think you have a typo/autocorrect or something in the heading; Bombardier CRJ-900


@Andre_S Mitsubishi bought out bombardier’s CRJ series, it’s not a typo, they are all actually named that.

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I know! I tried to be funny, but that didn’t work out.


I love the CRJ and I think it fits the LH Cityline mission incredibly well!

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We do have parts of the Alps though ;). But yes, Germany is really beautiful and the scenery is great, as your pictures showcase very well.

Also the CRJ is a really sleek looking aircraft, very well captured. Thanks for sharing!


I luvvvvvvv Lufthansa’s new livery! Especially on the 747-8! 😍🤩

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I’d like your topic because these are cool shots except you called it a Mitsubishi which is a Class A sin.

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I’ll tell you what’s funny, them renaming the CRJ to the MRJ 😂


wait, they actually did that!?

As far as I am aware no. It wasn’t called BRJ before and it isn’t called MRJ. Just Mitsubishi CRJ instead of Bombardier CRJ.

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ohhhh, I thought they changed it to mrj

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No, not at all. It’s still a CRJ :)

I just wanted to say something because normally the CRJ900s of Lufthansa are exclusively based from Munich, while the E190s are in Frankfurt, but before the summer holidays, LH changed some CRJs with some Embraers for some reason

Haha, Maximilian you are the realism police officer! 😂 I believe most ERJs are getting transferred to Air Dolomiti in MUC, probably that’s why? Capacity is not much different anyhow.

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