Lufthansa Cityline CRJ-700 [Star Alliance Livery]

Lufthansa Cityline (Star Alliance) - CRJ-700

Wikipedia - Named Berchtesgaden

Lufthansa Cityline:

image (IATA: CL, ICAO: CLH) - Lufthansa Cityline
Lufthansa Cityline is a subsidiary of Lufthansa with a fleet of 49 aircraft and serving about 75 destinations. Lufthansa Cityline operates in Germany as the regional carrier for Lufthansa. In 2015, they retired the CRJ700 aircraft from the fleet. One of these aircraft was the Star Alliance Livery.

Star Alliance:

Star Alliance is one of the world’s largest global airline alliances. This alliance was formed in 1997 and currently has 27 Full Members. Star Alliance airlines share airport terminals and the passengers can get rewards from flying on Star Alliance Member Flights!


I feel like it would be awesome to include a Star Alliance Livery into Infinite Flight with the new upcoming CRJ Update!
Yes I know that you guys are going to say “I rather the normal Lufthansa Livery”… The thing is, I would love for both of the liveries to be added into Infinite Flight too! This is not against the regular Lufthansa Livery.

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The star alliance livery suits the CRJ-700 in my opinion. I would vote but I’m all out.


Yes… as long as the normal livery is included as well.


Yes! That’s the goal :)