Lufthansa CityLine Airbus A340-300 Star Alliance Livery

Would really like to see this in IF


Looks great!

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I’m confused - isn’t Lufthansa CityLine only for regional routes around Europe? Why do they have a widebody?


I’ve wondered that to, wide-body flights that they do that I know of is Frankfurt to Philadelphia and Frankfurt to Tampa

They run some long hauls with more economy/premium economy seats and less business/first seats than the regular Lufthansa aircraft.

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Why don’t they just use mainline Lufthansa?

That’s a star alliance livery right? Or my eyes are deceiving me.

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Lufthansa use to use their a340-500 on the Frankfurt to Philadelphia route but then CityLine took over

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Yep but it’s used by Lufthansa CityLine

Yes it is. CityLine doesn’t have the Lufthansa Title on the a340

OK I’m confused now.

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CityLine aircraft only use the star alliance livery, I believe. Does that make more sense?

Lufthansa CityLine has 5 A340-300s which all have the Star Alliance livery. They travel to San José, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Tampa.

LH cityline operates flights to Panama with the A340-300 on behalf of Lufthansa.


I want to be on it right now and that pic is awesome . The farthest that I’ve been away was in austerlia from Washington DC in the US

So there is a project called “JUMP” created by Lufthansa to drop eight of their A343s to their new low-cost carrier Eurwings.
But Eurwings has a lack of pilots and cabin crew, so they decided those A343s to be operated by CityLine. They take captains/ first officers from the E-190/ CRJ-900 to operate the A343s, in the future they are supposed to be operated by Eurwings itself to destinations like Tampa, or the Dominican Republic This is also difficult, because the LH pilots say CityLine pilots aren’t that experienced…


I didn’t know that pilots could fly very different aircraft. Unless they have the training

They are getting trained, of course ;)

But the LH pilots still say CityLine pilots are to unexperienced to fly an A343

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I took a pic of it in Tampa.

I remember. You posted it in one of my spotting threads