Lufthansa Cargo MD11F departing Frankfurt runway 07C

Flight from Frankfurt to Boston with the MD11F fully loaded. Always a challenge to depart the MD11 fully loaded. I tried different edits with the screenshots. Hope you like them.


Looked like a nice flight. I love the sunset shots. Hope it was good. Keep up the good work!

Yes it was amazing. The approach was also quite a challenge. Approach speed was 170kts with flaps 50. Right under MLW.

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Yikes. MLW is hard to land on. Use to fly for @LuftyVirtual as a cargo pilot. It was never fun landing on MLW. I actually had to dump fuel or go around in circles trying to dump fuel.


I enjoy it. The bigger the challenge the more fun.

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These are great! Like the sunsets, but some seem over edited. Just me I guess, but great job!

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Nice shots!

I agree. I once did a MTOW takeoff from HKG, required basically the whole runway with 100% thrust. 😂

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