Lufthansa Cargo | MD-11F | Step By Step Livery

Lufthansa Cargo - “Step By Step” Livery [MD-11F]

Credits: Hector Rivera - Puerto Rico Spotter

Want to see more special liveries added into Infinite Flight?

Well here’s a good request!

This is the “Step By Step” Livery on an Lufthansa Cargo, MD-11F. It is a livery to celebrate the good work that ‘Cargo Human Care’ and Lufthansa Cargo do together.

Read a bit about ‘Cargo Human Care’ Below:

About ‘Cargo Human Care’

Cargo Human Care (CHC), it is an organization almost exclusively comprised of Lufthansa Cargo employees (past and present) who volunteer their time and efforts to help a variety of organizations in and around Kenya.
The organization coordinates with Doctors, Surgeons and other medical professionals to bring them to Kenya on regular rotations so that they can provide medical care to those in need.

These volunteers fly aboard Lufthansa Cargo flights to Nairobi, along with supplies and materials that are needed for various projects.

One of their most important efforts is the help they bring the the Mothers Mercy Home in Kianjogu, Kenya.The home provides shelter and care for approximately 120 orphaned children. Along side the home is the Cargo Human Care Medical Center which provides free medical treatments to members of the local community. Last year, CHC treated over 22,000 people at their clinic!

General characteristics:

Only 53 of these MD-11F’s were built and Lufthansa’s remain in the fleet today

Aircraft Length: Around 200 Ft
Wingspan: 169 ft 6 in (51.66 m)
Empty Weight: 248,567 lb (112,748 kg)
Loaded Weight: 610,000 lb (280,000 kg)

Max Cruise Speed: 0.88 Mach (587 mph, 945 km/h)
Range: 3,950 nmi (7,320 km)
Service Ceiling: 43,000 ft (13,000 m)
Max Fuel Capacity: 38,615 US gal (146,170 L)

My Thoughts:

I love this aircraft and I love the significance of the livery because of what it stands for. I would LOVE for this livery to be added into the MD-11/DC-10/KC-10 Update.

Would you like to see this aircraft added into Infinite Flight?

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Such an amazing livery for the MD-11!


This would be a great addition!


I would even be happy if the normal LH Cargo MD-11F would be added. If this special got added, even better !


I would love to have both too!

But if it came down to one… I would rather this one (As its special)

Thanks for your support! :)


I agree with @Karl.Luebs. Having the normal MD-11 livery would be superb, but this would definitely be a special livery to have.

The ideal scenario would be, having both liveries for the MD-11 :D


We definitely need this plane with the new upcoming update! One of the big reasons being that Lufthansa Cargo operates the last built MD-11!!! Good luck!!!


Keep up the support so hopefully we will get this livery added with the DC-10/MD-11/KC-10 Infinite Flight update!

Thank You! :)


I think all the liveries were already finalized and chosen. Hope to see this!


Well that could be true, but they sometimes add more liveries over time. (EG. B777-300ER)


I hope that this livery is added. It means so much to many people and its the season

Its not confirmed that the liveries are finalized at this time… But I hope that they can squeeze this in! :D


If you like this livery… Please share it by commenting on it so more people can see it!

Thanks :D

Feel free to make your own post for the ‘100 Year Air Cargo’ livery, but this post is for the ‘Step By Step.’ We also try to limit it to one photo per post in order to avoid clogging the forum with unnecessary photos :)


As Damian kindly said…
This request is for this specific livery. If you want to make one for that livery… Feel free to do so (check for duplicates)


Well still you are not allowed to have more than one photo in each features request. That means the whole thread.


Thanks Guys! :D

If you like this livery… Please share it by commenting on it so more people can see it!


Looks lovely. Good to see some colours on the German bird.

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Lufthansa’s livery looks good on any aircraft. Got my vote.

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Thanks for your support!

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