Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F (New 2017 livery)

The MD-11F is a freighter produced by McDonnell Douglas. It comes from the MD-11. It has a max speed of 519 knots, a range of 7,144NM and a service ceiling of 32,600 feet.
It is 200 feet long and has a wing span of 169 feet. It was produced from 1990-2000 and is now out of production. Only 200 were made!

Lufthansa was founded in 1953, is based in Frankfurt and has a fleet of 288, serving 220 destinations. It’s major subsidiaries are Lufthansa cargo and Cityline. It is part of star alliance.

This livery is amazing and I hope it gets added to IF.
(I searched and this is not a duplicate, the old topic got closed)

If you would like this in IF, please vote, but don’t say I have your support if you don’t vote.
Credit is in pic.

What do you think?

Looks decent, but in my opinion it doesn’t fit the MD-11F.

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Sorry mate, but I think that this is a duplicate.


Oh, NO, not again! (i search every time and never find the other ones)


Not sure where you got your specifications from but they’re wrong. 🙂