Lufthansa Cargo MD-11:The end

New plans made public: Phase out of MD-11 in June 2020. LHC will then operate 9 Boeing 777-200F. Just for information: The majority of LHC freight is transported in the lower cargo compartments of Lufthansa’s passenger aircraft.


Aw man, it was nice seeing the LH MD-11’s when I was in Frankfurt and Munich. Unfortunately it is an aging aircraft thats had its glory days…

Lets roll taps…

So that means they won’t be flying over my house no more, ah man that sucks

Looks like at least 2 of LHC MD11F’s are heading to UPS which is nice to know.

Plenty more life left in the old girls :)


oof. Sucks seeing cool or iconic aircraft being phased out of any fleet. Hopefully their 777s will be in the air for a long time.

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