Lufthansa Cargo Flight In The America’s

1): I decided to do this flight because I went on Flightradar24 like my usual daily routine and found this flight from Lufthansa cargo md-11f as GEC8230

2): MD-11F
Server: TS
Flight Time: 2H3MN

3): Here are the photos

Parked at KSEA (Loading Cargo)

Holding short of runway 16L

Takeoff on runway 16L with some wind

Cruise at FL370

Near KSFO to the side of Stockton Metropolitan Airport (KSCK)

Right Downwind For 24L with a Korean air A330 for 25R

Final with the same Korean Air A330 on final for 25R

Touchdown with the glide-slope and a Etihad Air 787-10

Making my way to Cargo gate from 24L

Parked At (Imperial Cargo 09, to the side of 25L, with a Asiana Cargo 747 push-backed



Thanks @anon41771314


And I was also surprised because I wanted t make it realistic and the plane wasn’t like connecting (I hope)

Nice photos @N319CL
Like #3 and #7

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Did you just answer yourself?😂


Yup cause I liked it and so far only @anon41771314 liked it

Okay, little bit weird😂

I would say you should if cruises closer to FL380 because of the length of your flight/ the size of your aircraft/no stepclimbing

Oh my gosh didn’t even notice but I actually cruised at FL370 like the flight did

Corrected it thanks

No prob, I always flew heavies at FL270 From KSFO-KLAX on training for a long time, so no biggi

That Asiana “Cargo” has windows…? lol

It’s such a beautiful bird and so fun to fly. Really makes me sad as they are retiring them in real life. Nice pictures!

nice pictures

The pictures are beautiful but I have one question. How did you know what gate you parked at?

FDXVA uses passenger Atlas Air 744s for cargo due to lack of better


You can see your parking spot on LiveFlight’s airport map or if you switch to the new flight page very fast!

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Oh, ok. Thank you.

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My departure or arrival

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I got my answer about how you knew which gate you parked at on your arrival.