Lufthansa Cargo 777-FBT (New Livery)


Hey there! I’m here to request the Lufthansa 777-200F to be added to infinite flight. Registration (D-ALFG) (Image source via Kosmopoliks via Jetphotos.)

Why this?

This is a beautiful livery, and hope to add more diversity to the Lufthansa fleet! This is also the first Lufthansa Cargo 777F to be painted.
More info about Lufthansa:

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!


I love the new Lufthansa liveries over the old one. Can’t wait for this livery on 777Fs and their Airbus fleet!

The vote is inbound!


Fully Agree! This is a missing livery on the 777 fleet! 👍


Thanks for your support.


OMG IM IN LOVE 😍 clearing up an vote RN !!!


Thanks for your vote!


I didnt know the cargo’s will be getting the new livery.
Looks nice,The MD-11F’s will look awesome in it though.


Am I the only one who prefirs liveries ln Cargo planes? Pure uninterrupted paint work 😋