Lufthansa begins phasing out A340's

Personally quite a sad day for me as I am a massive fan of pencil shaped planes, Lufthansa has begun the phasing out of its 23 A340-600’s. FlightTrader24 data shows that D-AIHM was ferried from Munich to Marana on January 24, 2017. Her last commercial flight which was Boston to Munich on November 5 of last year. The airline is replacing its ageing A340 fleet with brand new A350-900’s, the first of which was delivered in December last year with the last of the extremely fuel efficient aircraft to be arriving in 2023

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It’s really sad to see these A346s go, It seems they are going to be replaced by A350-900

I hope the A343s won’t be the next victim…


Sad to see them go, a lot of aircraft have become obsolete lately.

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It seems like the A340-600 has had a short life. I doesn’t seem like it has been around that long. The A350-900 doesn’t quite fit the place of the A340 in my opinion. I would say it is a sad day, but I lean more Boeing…


Personally I think the 777 would be a perfect replacement


Haha that’s very funny! But lets stay on topic, we don’t want a war to start…


So Far, Lufthansa has no intentions to order B77Ws. Though they have placed order on B777X which will come in 2023s… (Still a long time though)

Personally, I hope they can order A350-1000 to replace A346s until B777X’s arrival. Though their age will be really short and waste of money

fyi, Recent B77Ws can fill more passengers (Standard Layout) than A35J (3 Class Layout)

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Noooooo… not another pencil! What am I supposed to write with now, a 753?

In all seriousness though, this is pretty sad… to think this one retirement was about 1% of all 346’s produced and will never return to service…


Maybe they should steal a 77W or two from LX and call it a day…


But seems they aren’t going to do that. As LX still need those B777s to meet the demand on their Long Haul routes. Still, B748 may be the best replacement for A346s. Though LH’s A359 also has enough capacity to meet the demands. As A346s route demands may not as big as we think (Slightly more than A343’s imo)


The 777X will one good aircraft, it will be the plane everyone’s talking about and every airline wants, the 777 is good enough, something better you say? The 777X will be the best plane of the next decade, I don’t see why Lufthansa isn’t having a massive look into it


But still like I said if they ordered A35J, They won’t be used for a long time. B77W’s capacity is not much different than 748s imo. So I think it will be better to place B748 until B777X’s arrival. Rather than ordering B77W or A35J which won’t be used much after B777X’s arrival.


The A359 is configured to replace the A346 without a First class offering. It’s a perfectly fine replacement for a plane that got left behind by the latest and greatest in twin-engine technology.

Keep in mind that JL went and got A350-1000s when everyone expected them to go 777-9X. The fact is that the 777X is too big for a lot of airlines. I can see a quite a few airlines wanting the 777X, but it certainly won’t be a runaway success like its predecessor, the 777-300ER.


So wait your saying it’s gonna be like the 747-8?


Oh, wow, Seriously Lufthansa. Must i come over to Frankfurt and have a fight with you people. Im flying this plane in April too. It has been my favorite plane since i was very small. Luckily we still have SAA who are going strong with the A340’s. Although i will be missing that Lufthansa Livery on it!


I think 777-9X is too big, No wonder not many want it. But the demand is still better for 777-8X as their capacity isn’t as much as -9 (Between B777-200ER and B777-300ER CMIIW)


No, no, no, no and no. It wouldn’t be the “perfect replacement” It would be the worst replacement possible

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Let’s not start ahahaha

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Lets take this too PM :D


Do you think that there’s feasibility in ordering a few 77Ws as a subfleet, and when they’re replaced by the 777X, just give them to OS/LX as a capacity boost?

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