Lufthansa b748 to lax

3D to 3D in the Boeing 747-800. The flight took around 11 hours and on the route to Los Angeles I’ve had amazing scenery. I took of with 934000lbs so it was a heavy departure but it was no problem for the 747.

Some information about the flight.

• Server: Expert server.

• Aircraft: Boeing 747-800 intercontinental.

• Airline: Lufthansa.

• Departure airport: Frankfurt airport / EDDF 🇩🇪.

• Arrival airport: Los Angeles Int’l airport / KLAX 🇺🇸.

• Cruise speed: MACH 0.86

• Cruise altitude: FL300 - FL320 - FL340 - FL360 - FL390.

• Flight time: 10 hours and 58 minutes.

Ready for pushback.

Departure…. Bye Frankfurt🇩🇪!

Flying above the Netherlands 🇳🇱, my homecountry.

Flying above the North Sea 🌊.

Greenland 🇬🇱.

Grand Canyon 🇺🇸.

Las Vegas, Nevada 🇺🇸.

Landing was butter 🧈.

Arrived at the Tom Bradley gate🇺🇸.

What was your favourite picture and what do you think about this post?


They are really good !


Thank you!

I like the second picture the most.
That’s a great flight.

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Really good flight idea love the pics

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It was a great flight indeed! The second one is my favourite too.

Jesus… “747-800” wth like literally no one says that bruh

I’ve seen enough people that said that. Even on FR24 they call it a 747-800…….

True - which is kinda amusing…

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It gets annoying ngl

The 747 flies really well

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