Lufthansa B747 Flight Review

Hey y’all,
This flight I took was a while ago (October 6th 2019), but I just found some pictures about the Flight and wanted to share it with you:

This will be in THIRD PERSON I believe so enjoy the ride

  1. Welcome to Denver International Airport, the mile high busy airport, where the security lines are 30 minutes long. This trip report starts in terminal A gate 43, where the lovely Lufthansa B747 pulled up to the gate

  2. just as the lovely B747 rolls up, your attention shifts, you see the shiny Lufthansa A350 heading to Munich. AHHHHHHHH My favorite plane!!!

  1. Boarding takes a while and a Iceland air B757 is pushing back from the gate right next to you, and you woke up at 5:00 AM for this 3:00 PM flight because you were too excited, so you were too tired to get up to take a picture of the B757 :((( But boarding started and you got to board the plane!!!
    When you sit down, excitement rises because you are on the queen of the skies and realize that the middle seat was EMPTY for this 8 hour flight
    Here is my view out of the window

  1. The Panda Express you just bought is making your stomach hungry, but you hold it in and wait for the dinner service, here is the meal Lufthansa served, we had I think some sort of beef stroganoff

I didn’t get a picture of dessert but it was chocolate and vanilla pudding. The guy in the isle seat gave me his!!!

  1. your sleeping is spotty, waking up every hour or so, only managing to get 4 hours total, but got this killer shot over Greenland

  1. after trying to sleep again, you realize that you forgot to finish Aladdin and your flight was about to come to an end, do you hurry to get the movie finished. (Which you do) and touch down, a smooth landing in Frankfurt, the taxi time was a bit longer than you have experienced before, but you enjoyed it because you were in the queen of the skies!! You exit the aircraft and see a A340 pushing back so you take a quick pic.

  1. you are making your way through customs on your way to your second flight to Amsterdam (you sleep through the whole thing even the landing and then get sad because you wanted to experience your first A320 NEO landing) , with your brand new passport with no stamps in it, and you see the worlds largest passenger aircraft so you do the only logical thing, take a picture

And that concludes my trip, below there will be the scores of the flight

  1. SEAT:
    8/10, comfortable but I wasn’t able to sleep much

  2. IFE:
    10/10 Highly responsive and had a great movie, TV, and live TV selection

  3. FOOD:
    8.5/10 I am a picky eater and don’t eat much, the main course was nice, but I didn’t eat the breakfast (it was an omelet) I ate my Panda Express. There was only 1 option for breakfast where as dinner had 2.

  4. FLIGHT:
    10/10 there was hardly turbulence

    10/10 the flight attendants were there for every need and even gave me candy!!

    10/10 who doesn’t want to fly on the queen of the skies


57.5/60 this was my first ever international flight and Lufthansa was the best choice to fly and I can’t wait to go back after corona.

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Thanks and peace ✌️


No doubt they’re one of the top airlines. Nice review


I’ve seen the Lufthansa Boeing 747 at DEN at ton and it always departs from the same gate, A40 I think. I love it! I once saw it takeoff right in front of our plane and it used almost all of runway 34L/16R on takeoff, which is the longest runway in the country measuring around 16000ft in length. That particular flight was full I think, there were an absolutely insane amount of people at the gate.

Edit: I found a photo I took of it


It said A43 on my boarding pass

Yes the boarding gate was quite full because of the size of the plane, but not too full. The boarding process was really smooth. I got to see It again when I was picking up my sister from Florida

That Greenland shot was amazing! I’m always unlucky with clouds over that area

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It’s very uncommon for a Boeing 747 to ever have a completely full flight, though it’s always the goal because the airlines need to fill them up to as close to max capacity as possible to make a profit. That’s why they have been in decline for a while and only a few airlines still own a -400 used for passenger service.

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Yea, the return flight was MUCH more full

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When did you see that? The B747

Tbh I think Lufthansa is a mediocre airline. Although i think the airline is the third best airline you can take trans Atlantic. I have flown it on eco also and I can say it is ok. But great review

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What flight was this?

One was from Munich to Boston on one of their a350s when it was on its second flight. One was from Frankfurt to iad on the 748 and one was on the a330 from iad to Frankfurt

Oh I see, I have had nothing less than great with them. I flew the B747 long haul but flew them a bunch across Europe

No I mean they have been really good but out of all the airlines I have been on trans Atlantic they ranked 3rd

Oh I see, they are the only trans Atlantic airline I have flown on

I can say they are a whole lot better than their partners air canada and united

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I’ve never flown AC but flew United once

July 2018 I think

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That’s why I have a status with them. They simply deliver.

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You have no idea how valuable riding a 747 is in this day and age, certainly much better than the regional crap you’d get, and definitely one of a kind experience.

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Looks like there was an insane storm also.