Lufthansa already scrapping A380 fleet, slashing overall fleet capacity by almost 50%

As an individual who has been an Lufthansa flyer for many years, the A380 fleet in Lufthansa has been grounded till May, at the earliest, due to the virus. There are reports that the airline may for the long term ground over half of the A380 fleet, which may happen by this summer.

It’s really sad to see how the A380 is slowly diminishing overtime. It’s a beautiful piece of history that I’ll always cherish. I’ve never been on any A380 in my life, so I know how it’s going to feel. Enjoy the photo, and please post your opinions and thoughts:)

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Where are they storing them? Also, do you have a media article for reference?

Lufthansa isnt scrapping them. They’re just storing them for later because of the coronavirus outbreak and decreased passenger numbers

I think it’d be fitting to continue here about it

They have no idea as I can tell. It’s a pretty complicated task🤔

Got it. :)

Actually his is kinda different than mine. His is about the A380 status overall, while mine is kinda updated, and about Lufthansa. But I do say how the A380 is slowly going away. But I don’t think it’s worth removing my post:)

They’re quite similar, it’ll be up to the mods but I believe they are close enough to be counted as the same…

shrugs gotcha :)

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Isn’t Lufthansa just storing their A380’s and not scrapping them? I mean, they just branded them with the new livery a couple of years ago, so I couldn’t imagine that they are.

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Alright, but what does that have to do with the current topic? I’m not trying to sound rude, I’m just a bit confused by the title and description. :)

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Different but same :)