Lufthansa | ALA-FRA | Airbus A330-300

Hey IFC!
After arriving in Frankfurt from seattle, I found a cool route we had available that would take me to an area of the world I have never once been. Since this was the only route we had there, it was an out and back route, so I decided to share the photos of the flight on the way back. Let’s get to to it!
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 heavy
The photos are ready!
Early morning start up near and AFKLM A33F

Headed back to Germany!

Left turn towards the west

Oh yeah

Makin my way there

Flying high

About to start descent

Final 7L at am main

Safe landing back at the hub!

I hope y’all enjoyed!
And comment if you have ever flown here before!


Love the first one! Great shots!


Great pictures!!! Keep at it!!! :)

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Off to El dorado next!

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Never heard someone use it that way…

The route is actually part of Condor’s cargo flights and Alamaty just looks really stunning with the mountains all around. You also managed to capture the A330 very well.

Thanks for sharing!

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