Lufthansa Airlines Flight 1670 | Munich to Cluj-Napoca

This is my first flight to Romania because I have been wanting to fly there since I missed the London Stansted event with Ryanair. If I were to attend that event, I would’ve landed in Cluj-Napoca and explored the terrain of Romania. But, the thing is that I did not have a chance to fly to Romania until this morning I did. So, I chose to fly the Lufthansa Airbus A319-100 down to Romania to see how it looks like.

Flight Details

Airline: Lufthansa Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A319-100
Flight: 1670
Origin: Muenchen International Airport
Destination: Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1hr 03mins

Here are the screenshots:

Lufthansa Flight 1670 parked at Terminal 2 headed to Cluj-Napoca

Lining up RWY 26L cleared for takeoff to Cluj-Napoca

Lufthansa Flight 1670 taking off spotting a Norwegian Air Boeing 737-800

Positive Rate Gear Up out of Munich Germany

Cruising past Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport at FL350 while passengers are being served tasty beverages and snacks

Descending into Parcal Natural Apunsei in Romania for landing in Cluj-Napoca

Turning left to avoid a collision into the mountains

Lufthansa Flight 1670 on final RWY 7 approaching minimums

Buttered the landing, 50… 40… 30… 20… 10… retard… retard…, touchdown

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Cluj-Napoca. Please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the captain turns off the seatbelt sign. Once it is turned off, you may get out of your seat, get all your belongings, and open the overhead bin cautiously because baggage may have shifted and could fall out during flight. Once again, thanks for flying Lufthansa and have a great day.

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Very nice photos

These are actually some very nice photos. Cluj has an amazing approach for runway 07 right over the city.When I was there, I used to be waken up by planes landing. Such a great feeling haha Glad you enjoyed your flight to Romania! :)