Lufthansa Airbus A340-300

Lufthansa operates 16 Airbus A340-300 (36 A340s in total, making them the largest A340 operator in the world). LH operates these beauties on longhaul routes from Germany to many of their destinations in the US, Asia and Africa. Despite the fact LH is retiring many of their A346s, they are counting on their smaller A343 on a longer term, not only because of its reliability, but also because of its flexibility and economic viability.

With the A330/A340 rework (and an addition of the A340-300), which is hopefully next in line, it would be awesome to have this beautiful bird added to IF, offering interesting RWA routes to fly. It would definitely be an enrichment for the simulator :)

Thanks! And voted of course.


Is a very request, in A340 have little liveries!

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