Lufthansa Airbus A330 "new livery"

There should be no surprise to see that an A330-rework is coming, and hopefully soon, so my request is for the Lufthansa A330 with its new livery to be added!
Lufthansa updated their livery in 2018, changing it from their famous yellow-color, to a blue one.
Lufthansa is one if the biggest airlines in the world today, serving multiple flights to all continents. They were founded back in 1926, and their main-base is in Frankfurt, Munchen and Dusseldorf.

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I love that blue color, still wish there was some yelllw though :/


It looks very modern now though.

Best not to speculate. We have no ideas of what is to come in 2019 or beyond.

Great idea! A gorgeous aircraft and livery isn’t it!

You’re right, but judging by the number of votes, i dare to say we can expect this sometime in the future;)

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Since this year, Düsseldorf is not longer a HUB for Lufthansa, but it used to be a base for their A330-300 indeed. :)

well, that’s tru. After seeing the A-10 and 737 reworked, I have a feeling there is another aircraft that will be fixed and maybe even a new aircraft added. Certainly won’t be the a380, but I have hopes.

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We can only hope to see an A330-rework soon:)

Yeah, the A340 and A330 aren’t my best aircraft. Personally I’m that guy who flies all Boeing and maybe some Airbus 😂

I think you will enjoy the A330 if they decide to rework it:)

I thought a lot about this livery today; unfortunate not to have in the IF.

I think we will see this livery soon :) Hopefully when the real A330-rework happens!

If we get out version 19.2 before this rework and the Devs can add that livery, we’ll be grateful, too, right? 😉

Hehe, absolutely! 😉

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We really need to update some liveries like the Lufthansa 748

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Agreed :)
We probably will sometime in the future

If the A330 gets a rework, the livery would be a must have!

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Voted! Hoping to see this livery


The Roar sound <3

Voted :-)