Lufthansa Airbus A320?

The new loading screen picture has a caption saying August Update and it has a picture of a Lufthansa A320. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? And if so why hasn’t it been put in the new update?

I’m afraid not!

The A320 and possible similar aircraft aren’t yet in the game. They are in the next update, probably just a snapshot!

It was probably @matt or one of the devs taking the plane for a test flight

I know. I got all excited because I hadn’t yet seen the update when I saw the picture and thought they had updated their airbuses. Hopefully we will be seeing them soon though!


I know you aren’t complaining or anything.

I agree. The game is awesome and like the developers said they like to focus more on the experience rather than the features and extras. I honestly think that I finite flight is the only decent flight simulator on the App Store. But of course, at the same time, an A320 update would certainly be appreciated.

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Whoever was taxiing around that Lufthansa A320 is really damn lucky.

Added Lufthansa in the topic title to make it more descriptive of the post content.

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(From Matt’s instagram)

It was probably skinned as something else on the client end of the players.

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I flew with him when he tested it he showed up as the flight development team 2015 livery on the 737-700BBJ but I knew he was really in the a320

I hope they differentiate between CFM and IAE engines. So far so good…

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I checked the registration, it is now eurowings, but was Lufthansa in the past.

With that they should update the Airbus 321

When is the next update of Airbus a320 ?

The developers don’t release any specific dates. Stuff can take longer, or shorter than they expect.

Oh ! Thanks !

Why would they show it

Now it has a picture of a Wizz Air A320 with new livery and sharklets. Can’t wait for the A320!