Lufthansa Airbus A320 - Star Alliance

Lufthansa A320 - Star Alliance Livery

Today, I want to request the Lufthansa A320, but in the Star Alliance livery. My main motivation is the following:

  • Lufthansa has less representation compared to other airlines of similar international significance
  • We don’t have a Star Alliance livery in the simulator anymore, because the last got removed during the B757 rework
  • I want to request Lufthansa, since it is my favorite airline, and I chose the A320 since it is the only type Lufthansa has the Star Alliance livery on, that we also have in the simulator and that is still active

The Lufthansa A320 is the backbone of Lufthansa’s narrowbody operation and flies to more than a hundred destinations across Europe, Africa, and Asia, connecting the regions with Frankfurt, Munich, and the whole world. The flights served by the A320 include everything from 30-minute flights within Germany to 5-hour flights to the Canaries and Azores.

Lufthansa is a founding member of Star Alliance, which today, is the biggest airline alliance in the world and consists of multiple prestigious airlines such as United, Ethiopian, Air China, and Singapore Airlines. However, we still don’t have any Star Alliance livery which is a shame, in my opinion, especially considering the fact that they are still permitted and even considered as the only regularly allowed special livery.

If you’d like to see this livery in the simulator, to get a Star Alliance livery once more, consider voting! I would certainly highly appreciate it.

Very nice livery,


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Wait,aren’t special liveries not allowed anymore??

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Alliance liveries are still allowed.


Okay okay 👍🏼

Thanks a lot! Very kind of you!

In my opinion, the Lufthansa - Star Alliance combination fits very well, not only design-wise, but also meaning-wise, as Lufthansa was one of the founding members of the Star Alliance and now is one of the most important members.



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Yes, sir! Awesome livery!