Lufthansa Adds Service To 12 Destinations

Lufthansa Adds Service To 12 Destinations

Lufthansa, the leading Star Alliance carrier based in Germany has announced that they will be adding flights to a bunch of new destinations, including the following starting in Summer 2022:

  • Liverpool
  • Rennes
  • St Louis
  • Stavanger

From Munich:

  • Bergen
  • Billund
  • Brindisi (Air Dolomiti)
  • Kalamata
  • Menorca
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • San Diego
  • Varna

They will also be making cuts to the following cities:

  • Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit, Orlando, Atlanta, and Seattle reduce from 1x daily to 5x weekly
  • Austin reduces from 5x weekly to 3x weekly

I am excited to see these new route additions coming. We do not yet have an estimated start date.


No not cuts to DFW

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YAS!!! I can’t believe it! Munich (my home airport) is getting Rio and San Diego!!! Munich has been so neglected in terms of Long Haul flights that this is the best thing that could have happened

Exciting times for the Lufthansa Group as SWISS also added some new destinations:

  • Bologna
  • Nantes
  • Sofia
  • Vilnius
  • Odessa
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Still surprising to see this, would’ve expected Condor or British Airways first.

Dang, straight up copy pasted my tweet :(

Did I forget to give you credit. Shoot. My bad. Just linked it :)

Well it’s happening lol.



But still, to get some more traffic into STL is always welcome.


So exciting. Kinda out of the blue, but they’ve been trying to build the airport back up. Amazing news for the city.


Very exciting news. What aircraft will operate these routes?

Talking Long Haul routes from Munich, every route will be operated by the A350, since it’s the only long-haul aircraft by Lufthansa based in Munich
I assume St. Louis will probably be served by the A330 because this is the aircraft used for routes with less demand.



Hey Hudson, are you excited that Lufthansa is coming to STL? I would love you know your opinion on that.

Jk. But I knew you were going to freak out when you saw this.

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Yeees omg. I sooo excited hehe. Our airport is finally getting some attention

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I am happy to see STL get service with Lufthansa. Just wish BDL did as well, but that is just wishful thinking (BDL is a bit too small and too close to BOS and JFK).

Yay! Lufthansa will be returning to my san diego with an A359 I understand?

Well before COVID LH only flew from FRA to SAN with an A340-300. This is the first time ever LH flying from MUC to SAN. And yes with an A350 because there only 350s stationed at MUC

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I’m definitely looking forward to see this one. Hopefully this will bring more attention to St. Louis.

Whats with St. louis? I don’t know anything other than its a high crime city somewhere in the eastern states, people seem to love it though, and yes its suprising to see lufthansa operate there…

@Udeme_Ekpo, revolutionary.

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