Lufthansa adds A350 Boston service from March 2017

Exciting news for Boston! Can’t wait to spot one of these. :)

This makes the second daily A350 service to Boston; Qatar Airways also does service using the A350.


So the A359 will fly to Munich, will the B748 still fly to Frankfurt?

Yes, Lufthansa will utilize the A359 to Munich and will still utilize the B748 on the Frankfurt route with an addition of the A333 once the summer season commences.


Can’t think of a reason for Lufthansa to stop FRA - BOS then. Haven’t heard anything of it either.
MUC - BOS has already been operating for ages, but in an A333, same for MUC - DEL.


They alternate between the A346 and A333, currently.

Yeah, they send the A346 more frequently to BOS during summer and hardly during winter, same for DEL.
The A346s normally operate MUC - MIA/EWR/JFK/SFO/LAX/HND/NRT/INC/CPT/JNB… Whatever, too much MUC nerd stuff.

Hopefully that means in the upcoming years they may send one to Denver. Currently they send A333, and in the summer they send A346. Is the A359 just to phase out the A340’s or the A333’s too?

I don’t believe Lufthansa is phasing out their A346s and A333s.

The A330s don’t seem to be taken out of service in near future.
The A350s were originally meant to replace the A340-300s, none of which Lufthansa has are based in Munich, which will take delivery of Lufthansa’s first 5 A350s. They slowly start flying away the A340-600s here. I don’t see the A330s being retired very soon, it is possible though that Lufthansa sends A350s to KDEN. Once they have more A350s.

Lufthansa has 24 A350s and 20 777-9 on order, which is just enough to phase out all A340s.
Their A330s seem to stay for now. Maybe they sign a contract for the A330neo at some point in the future. Time will show.

That’s awesome! Boston is one of my favorite airports.

I spot at Logan, too, and the 747-8, usually comes in around 2, when does the 33/40 come in?

YEEEESSSS I live in Poland and in Boston so on my way home for the summer I can fly on the a350s! Thanks Lufthansa!

A bit after 6 PM and departs around 9 PM.

The first flight is on the way!

Unfortunately, it couldn’t arrive yesterday, March 14, 2017 due to a major snowstorm. It’s expected to arrive in about 8 hours from now. I wish I could go and spot it, but unfortunately, it’ll be too late by then for me to do so considering that this is a school night.

Next time I do go spotting, however, I will definitely attempt to spot it so keep an eye out. ;)


Track the flight progress:


Yay I might fly on that when I come back to Boston in the summer

Great! Really nice. I hope to spot the Lufthansa A350 one day.

She landed safely a few minutes ago and taxied to gate E10 at the international terminal.

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I’m waiting for the water salute 😍

Anyway, It’s a good news to see LH added Boston as their 2nd A350 destination after Delhi

If I do find the water salute, I’ll post it here. :)

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