Lufthansa across the pond!

Hello everyone!

I was inactive for a few months, and now I decided to take a flight again. So I took off from LAX and flew to MUC. I was so flashed how stunning the world of IF looks like with 3D buildings!
Anyway, I took a couple pictures and now I’m showing them off.

Flight Information

Aircraft: A350-900 Lufthansa
Flight Time: 10:44 hours

Let’s go!

Standing at Bradley Gate 156 with an SAS A350-900 in the background

Leaving L.A behind, with the beautiful airport in the background.

The sun goes down, but we’ll see it again later

Nighttime is always something special to me, everything seems so quiet, and the problems rest for the moment.

The sun is already coming back! The time literally flies away.

Now we’re already reaching the European coastline. The flight slowly comes to an end.

Düsseldorf Airport, I used to be there many times before Covid

On final for cloudy Munich

Parked at the Gate, and letting the passengers reboard.

I really have to admit, flying in Infinite Flight with buildings is a whole new experience. Thanks to the Devs!

So that’s it for today, let me know which photo you liked the most!
See you in the skies!


Awesome Pictures! 🙂

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Thank you!

Cockpit view very nice :)

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NSV for the win! Great pictures! :D


Wonderful shots. Love the one above Düsseldorf!

Nice job! Can’t wait to see more topics!