Lufthansa Across Europe - IFATC Destinations #2

Welcome back! Here’s Sunday’s post of my new series, IFATC Destinations .

About this Series

Each post in this series will showcase an upcoming airport on the IFATC schedule.
Each post will most likely feature the featured livery of that day.
Photos will usually be released soon before IFATC is scheduled to begin controlling.
Note: this series is not officially made by Infinite Flight or IFATC. Just me. :)

Today, we’ll see a few views of IFATC’s Sunday openings! (London, France, Rome, and Greece.)
Sunday’s featured airline is Lufthansa.

As with every post in this series, all photos were shot in Solo mode. (Photoshop makes the magic happen.)

Ready for pushback at LIRF! (Italy)

Expect long wait times at EGLL today… (Britain)

Sunset departures at LFML. (France)

Touchdown at LGAV! (Greece)

Enjoy IFATC as you fly across Europe today! :)


This week we have seen NSV out in full force. Great to see so many flying and enjoying the Lufthansa Livery.


Absolutely great ATC at Frankfurt today! Easily handled a few quick hiccups and got everyone in safely. Hope you had a good flight :)

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@OC212 @QantasAviator These are screenshots from Solo, not Live, so I never actually completed any flights. I’m the only person in all these photos.

Photoshop is pretty nice :)


really nice pictures

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Haha sorry for missing that 😂

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Awesome job with the Photoshop work!

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