Lufthansa A380s And A340-600s Going To Long Term Storage, With Possible Retirement




Of course, this is just speculation, but this is breaking news coming from a Lufthansa Airlines meeting hosted by the CEO of the company. Earlier today, he spoke saying that “we are negotiating with airbus about speeding up A350 deliveries that we would lease, but with only the new business class product onboard”

BREAKING @lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr now: "We are negotiating with @Airbus about speeding up #A350 delieveries that we would lease, but only with the new Business Class product on board" #PaxEx #avgeek

— Andreas Spaeth (@SpaethFlies) September 15, 2020
This was put out on Twitter by the user above. Also said by the CEO, “ The only four engine aircraft with the future is the Boeing 747-8.” “Phase out of the A340s and 747-400s will come soon”.

BREAKING @Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr now on fleet: "The only four-engine aircraft with a future is the #Boeing747-8." Phase out of #A340-600 and 747-400 will come soon #avgeek

— Andreas Spaeth (@SpaethFlies) September 15, 2020

It seems like they are talking a lot, because they have also said that they intend to retire more Airbus 380s, and by more, that might mean all.

BREAKING @lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr now on #A380: "We will decide next week if more A380s are phased out. And more probably would mean all." #avgeek

— Andreas Spaeth (@SpaethFlies) September 15, 2020

The airlines also says that they are expecting a delayed delivery of the 777X, likely into 2022 now.

"It is realistic now to expect delivery of our @BoeingAirplanes #777X in the second quarter of 2022", says @lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr #avgeek

— Andreas Spaeth (@SpaethFlies) September 15, 2020
And lastly, because the Lufthansa group own Austrian, they also said this!:

"We are looking at phasing out @_austrian #Boeing777 or #Boeing767, if at all and how many, as these are aircraft that don't have a future", says @lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr #avgeek

— Andreas Spaeth (@SpaethFlies) September 15, 2020



I think you’re confusing what he said. It’s not an A350 with a pure business class configuration. He’s talking about specifically selecting the A350s that will have the new business class product for early deliveries.

They’ll still have Premium Economy and Economy on the new A350s. Lufthansa is aiming to debut their new business class product as soon as possible because the 777X has been delayed.

Having a pure business class configuration on an A350 would be a death wish considering business and premium demand has dried up during COVID.

Basically, Lufthansa likely has several A350s close to being completed in Airbus’ Toulouse factory, but these will not have the new business class product. Instead, they want to lease A350s because they can possibly score a cheaper deal and allow them to take deliveries of new A350s without needing to wait years for the production line to catch up.


Thanks for the clarification.

the 747-8 as the only 4 engine aircraft in the fleet possibly? So that would be the A380, A340, and 747-400 going to retire

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Kind of expected, just happy I can hopefully fly on the 747-8i soon. I’ve been on the A380 and 747-400 the 747-8 is the only one left


Correct. That seems ro be the plan

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I want to be on an A380 so bad, luckily, Emirates is keeping theirs for a while, but they fly the 777-200LR to my hometown, but they only have 10 of the LRs, so that rare… I guess

I won’t be surprised if the A350 and upcoming 787 will become the main operators. A350 at Munich and 787 at Frankfurt and other airports. Same with Swiss. They have 787s coming too

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A350 with business class makes a lot of sense for destinations that have a business target but are not the super premium markets if NYC and the like. I’m surprised this isn’t already a focus.


This should be done a long time ago when B777x are delayed.

on my opinion, B787 will be on Austrian and Swiss only. A350 will be on Lufthansa.

That’s not true, they weren’t expecting delivery until 2020, which is now, so they most likely just get all the seats ready and delivered around now.

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I somewhat agree, Lufthansa seems to be doing an all Airbus trend, which is what most airlines (that are Boeing/AIrbus) are doing because of the Boeing 737,787, and 777X issues.

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It makes more sense or more predictable. since,

B777X: Replace LH B744, B748, A380
A359: Replace LH A343, A346, A330
B787: Replace OS B763, B772 // LX A343, A330


and me, living in The United States has more trust in Airbus right now because fo the downward trend Boeing is heading in.

Thank god, they really need a new business class!

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That’s, well. That’s unfortunate, it’ll be super sad to see it go, all of the aircrafts. Nice informative topic.

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True, but it is quite odd for Lufthansa group to order them and put it in the Lufthansa Livery. Especially considering they might not put it with them

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Monday will be the deciding day for possibly ALL A380s:


Ya never know. Let’s just say simple flying isn’t always the most accurate… (although they are usually pretty good)