Lufthansa a380 to new zealand

I flew “the Lufthansa whale” from Frankfurt to Auckland airport. Departing with full fuel, 455 passengers and 21 thousand pounds of cargo. The flight took around 21 hours long and we landed at Auckland with almost empty fuel. I have used the step climb method as usual with long flights and the cruise speed was mach 0.85. We had almost clear skies for the whole flight and we departed during sunrise and arrived in the morning.

Information about this flight;

• Server: expert server
• Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
• Livery: Lufthansa
• Route: EDDF-NZAA
• Callsign: Lufthansa 380 heavy
• Altitude: fl310 - fl330 - fl350 - fl370 - fl390 - fl410
• Speed: mach 0.85
• Flight time: 20 hours and 38 minutes.

At Frankfurt.


Above Russia.

Above Eastern Russia.

Osaka from fl370.


Above New Caledonia and climbing to fl410.

Descending into Auckland.

Always butter in the A380.

Arrived after 20 hours and 38 minutes.

Tomorrow I’ll post a topic about a flight from Seattle to Dubai in the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER.


Dang that’s a long flight I’m Probably gonna fly it after the A380 is reworked I told myself I’m not flying the A380 till the A380 is reworked Nonetheless that sounds like a really fun flight and you have some really nice pictures


You Son of a GUn. You did it!


That’s impressive. Great shots

Thank you!



Wow nice pics absolutely love them :) 💙💛💙💛

Thanks, nice to see!

That’s kinda crazy! My longest flight was RJTT-KJFK (13h)


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