Lufthansa A350's to Palm Springs?

Recently I’ve read the latest airliner world magazine issue for April 2017. It is peculiar with the Lufthansa a350 advertised on the cover and I am not mistaken they are sketched to fly to Palm Springs Municipal in California, I’ve went to the Lufthansa website and a flight from Frankfurt (Main Hub) is a available to Palm Springs. Now I’ve done my research and it isn’t confirmed… What are your thoughts?


Could it be fake airline news? Jk, idk 😂😂

Here you go

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You know I was just kidding? Right? 😂

I know, I’m too much of a show off to prove my point. Haha.

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Would the flight on an A350 would be empty pretty much?

Those are two different articles. They aren’t related in any ways. :)

  1. Gateway to SoCal
    Palm Springs International is one of Southern California’s fastest growing airports.
  2. Fly the Future
    On board Lufthansa’s first Airbus A350 XWB, the newest addition to its fleet.

Inside the Magazine. Not just from the cover. Read it yesterday in Tesco.

I highly doubt it. Even looking at the end of the schedule, the only flights I see are via LAX. Even then, PSP is a very small airport with mostly only RJs. Considering how LAX has pretty much all the connectivity one could ever need (along with the longest drive to the airport), it seems it would be both taking away capacity from the LAX flights and making losses to fly it (good job you’ve managed to both stab yourself in the leg an give away to only leg that actually worked!). Also, it seems that the magazine has the LH A350 and PSP in 2 separate articles, not one large article.

No need to be with on full harsh criticism there mate. Calm down. Hence the question mark in the title.


I know American flys to Palm Springs with 738s

Sorry 'bout that – it seems I’ve spent too much time on!

Two completely different pages
Sorry about the upside downess

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I’d love to see this, but I wouldn’t think any major European airline could make flying into Palm Springs work in the next few years.


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