Lufthansa A350's Inaugural Flight @ CYYZ | March 31st, 2019


Summer schedules have begun for the year, which as always that means a handful of inaugurals to major international airports across the globe. And unlike Philippine Airlines which rushed their inaugural flight by two months, Lufthansa stuck to their schedule.



And while this flight was originally scheduled as D-AIXK (New Livery) and Lufthansa snaked us, any A350 is better than no A350. So I’ll stop talking and let’s see this beauty of an aircraft.



These were both shot off my D7500 with an AF-P 70-300 f/4.5-6.3 VR. Click on them so they’re not cut off, something went weird with the aspect ratio.

While the weather was unpleasant and the lighting dull, the aircraft is still something to see. Lufthansa is my favorite livery (New Livery, but that’s not important) and the A350 is by far by favorite aircraft, so I was especially excited.

How would you rate these photos? Be honest, I won’t take any offense.

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I tried to be more professional than usual in this topic (did it work?). I figured it was only fitting for the situation. Except another topic in the coming days once I get around to editing them.

P.S. if you liked these shots consider checking out my Insta:


Please tell me those are edited. Those are edited, right? Lol… if they’re unedited…

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Yeah, definitely edited quite a bit. Sky was pretty boring so I decided to have fun with it.

Oh thank god. If those shots were unedited I would… freak.

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Those shots are 10/10. Amazing work. 👏

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I watched this guy all the way in from Munich yesterday on FR24, unfortunately wasn’t able to get out and spot it. Great photos!

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Beauties. Did you see my friend Aaron Miles there by chance? He said he went there to see the Lufty 350.

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Thank you Ethan!

Thanks! Don’t feel bad, the weather sucked anyways. They come daily now so you got lots more chances.

Thanks! Yeah Aaron was there. All of us “younger” YYZ spotters formed like a group.


Yah, you guys that spot over at YYZ are super lucky to have a great group. Back here in BWI, all I have is myself and @anon66442947 who is always complaining about the temperature or is making dinner


Or the DC kids who make so much drama in the IG spotting community but that’s a topic for another day :p


@EthanT2 and @AndrewWu, you need to tell me instead of leaving me at timmies drinking a 8/8 Tea! We should go spotting together one day!

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D-AIXH! My favorite A350! I’ve seen it three times.

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Haha sure I won’t be back for a while though. YUL’s next on the list.

Awesome! It’s old livery though… :p


Did they use bottom part of beluga fuselage? It has some curvature. Fuselage not same as 787.

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It’s not supposed to be. The A350 and 787 are essentially totally different airplanes. The A350 does take some elements of the A330, maybe that’s what you were thinking of?

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Wow! You don’t have to be so humble about them ;)
Some rough edges on the aircraft here and there (from editing?), but overall, I’d say these are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen on IFC, ever! 10/10 👏

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I think @Joseph_Krol is right. It’s definitely not the Beluga fuselage, that plane’s old and the A350 has tons of modern materials. Also it’s like a good 30 feet longer than the Beluga.

Jheez thank you! Yeah on the first one up above the cockpit windows it’s a bit messed up because of the low contrast area there and same with the top of the fuselage of both. Spent a good thirty minutes trying to get stuff smoothed out but that was the best I could do.

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Ok, in design perspective the bottom fuselage has curved edges rather than old flat round shapes that’s what made me think. @Joseph_Krol you are right about a330 similarities 👍


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