Lufthansa A350 Showing her Beauty

So these are the photos I got from my flight from Toulouse to Munich today.

This flight was on the training server, and I cruised at 42,000 feet.

Takeoff from Toulouse

Flying across the Swiss mountains

Flaring at Munich

One extra pic, a moon shot ;)


2 words: Gear Tilt!!!

Ikr it’s so gorgeous 😍

shouldn’t they be tilted back and not forward?

Nope, tilted forward. That’s how the real A350 has it.


The A350 gear irl tilts forward

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Wow! Looks like a fun flight! Glad you came back to IF!

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Well I didn’t really come back, I’m just here for the A350 and because I’m going to poland I need a flight sim to play on c:

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4th is the best

Thanks c:

My favourite is the moon shot.

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That’s the A330

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of the Lufthansa a359.
But these are beautiful pics, keep it up

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the site in the screenshot, what is it that you used to plan your flight?

I just made the plan myself :)

Thank you c:

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