Lufthansa A350-900 Review - Denver to Munich

Greetings from Denver International airport. Today, we will be flying mile-high style to Munich on Lufthansa’s Brand New A350-900 for my vacation to Germany! Hope y’all enjoy this review!

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Operator: Lufthansa Airlines
Registration: D-AIXQ “aka Freiburg”
Seat: 21A
Route: Denver to Munich Germany
Flight Time: 9:35
Date: 7/08/22

Anyways, welcome to Denver International Airport! After transiting from a Cramped United 737-800 in Economy, I think it’s time to Finally stretch my legs and enjoy DEN’s outdoor Patio!

And of course, I had to have a one big/gigantic carne asada taco before my flight to Germany!!!

Good view of a United 777-200ER in the Continental Livery

And here is the bird that will take me all the way to Germany! D-AIXQ, a nearly 2.2 year old Airbus A350-900 delivered to Lufthansa in 2019

And here is my seat, 21A for the next 9.5 hours. I was obviously greeted with a large IFE, with a relatively good selection of Movies and T.V. shows to offer.

Lufthansa also offers a pillow and a blanket, plus a Safety Card for no additional cost!

Very sturdy tray table, although was a bit on the smaller side

And just like that, we pushed back!

DEN maintenance base for United

After a very long traffic jam, we were off for an on time departure out of Denver!

Doing some cloud surfin’ over Eastern Colorado

About an hour into the Flight, Dinner was served. The meal consisted of a Vegitarian-Based Tortalini, some salad, crackers, bread and a Blueberry Cake. Was very impressed by the silver-silverware, and I obviously finished my food!

Halfway during the Flight, the Flight Attendants asked us to close the window shades to help us sleep. Thankfully, there was an outside Cam that I could view!

And before landing, Flight Attendants came around with a vegan wrap and Fruits

Approaching Munich!

Short Final at MUC

And welcome to Munich! Obviously, there has to be a ton of United Widebodies!

Overall rating: 7/10. Overall, I have to say that Lufthansa is most certainly overhyped. From personal experience, Lufthansa is easily one of the most disorganized and chaotic airlines out there in terms of App Acessability and Checking in. My most recent flight from CGN yesterday on Lufthansa was certainly horrible as I, and many other passengers waited in line for nearly 2 hours at the CGN check in desk because there was only 1 person available to check us in (thankfully, my family and I made our flight). Although, putting that bad experience aside, Lufthansa’s food and overall product is pretty good. I would not say that Lufthansa is on my “do not fly list”, however it is more on the mediocre/average side. Anyways, what do you think? Have you ever flown Lufthansa Long Haul? Please let be know below! I would love to hear your comments!


finally someone

great pics btw


Thanks for the comment!

I honestly don’t know anybody who hypes it up at all. It’s a great airline, especially aircraft-wise, but the Economy is only standard and the Business Class might be quite bad actually (hopefully the new one next year will change that). The first class product is top-notch though.

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pretty true

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That food looks so delicious!


Ah yes, plant based tortellini and blueberry cake of a German airline going to germany

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Hey, were you able to catch the registration of the Continental United 772? (3rd Picture) I am wondering because I was able to catch a United 772 that had diverted into my home airport due to weather. The one I got was N222UA, so I am wondering if that is the same plane. Otherwise Lovely Post!

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the registration.

Ah Dang. Good post though!

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You have a buetifull wing view and that fooood!!! OMG

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Thank you for the kind words (:

I recently flew the same flight but on United… The flight was a nightmare in every regard for me: 1. The payment for our seat reservation at the windows didn’t go through, so I had to sit in the middle 2. I was sick (maybe Covid, because I was positive afterward) like never before so the cabin temperature that was way too cold screwed me 3. the stir fry made everything worse forcing me to go to the bathroom a couple of times, to say the least 4. awful legroom and barely pitch.

My flight with the LH A350 from MUC to YYZ earlier was way better :( (maybe because it was an ex-Philippines airlines aircraft, but still), I wish I would have flown LH


Yea, United has really turend around and is better now, however delta still is better than both.


AA might be the only airline I have flown on that’s worse… I ended up sleeping at LGA with no sort of compensation after 3 cancellations in one day

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United is pretty good

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I agree with every part of what you said. I flew on an A359 from Munich to Mumbai and back in June, and the food did impress me with the silverware. Other than that, it was pretty average and not all the hype it is hoped to be.

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This looks really good…


It was very good. Second best meal I’ve ever had on a flight…

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Very nice! Was the landing butter?

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