Lufthansa A350-900 [Old Livery]

With the A359 on approach, I’d like to request my all-time favorite livery once again as the old threads are closed:

Lufthansa’s “Kranich” Livery

Now you might ask: But why the old livery? On a brand new plane?

As Lufthansa took delivery of their first A359 in early 2017, 12 A359 are painted in the old livery, and they will stay this way for some time, meaning I’m not asking for a “dead” livery. I simply like the gray/white combination on it’s belly combined with the black mask.

Just look at this beauty and tell me what you think! :)

Credits to for this gorgeous shot!

One note: You might have seen @s1b2p5 thread about the upgraded A359 winglet. As far as I know all of Lufthansa’s A359s wearing the old livery do feature the old winglet.

I like this livery a bit more than the new one, you have my vote!


Not to be rude but can use another picture? I mean, this is a livery request and if you show a picture of the front of the plane, you can barely see the actual livery.

You got my vote though, I love this livery! I’ve seen it twice in Munich before.



I love to see this livery someday


I’ve chosen this picture to get a focus on the most important part of the livery, it’s nose. As only one picture is permitted, here is another one:

Source: Airbus


Got my vote

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That’s correct, I’m pretty sure D-AIXL was their first upgraded A350 and the last with the old livery was D-AIXH. It would be great to see both!

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How is the nose of an aircraft livery (especially one that has no colour on the nose) important? Not only that but you can’t even see the most important part of this livery(which is the tail). The tail is what even gives it the name “Kranich”

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Well, we obviously have a different opinion on that one. :)

Will correct „nose“ with „front part of the aircraft with a grey belly, a black mask around the cockpit windows, and the blue Lufthansa Kranich on white.“

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Does anyone know if the old livery will come with the new livery?

Probably not, since they’re in the process of repainting them all.

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Ok, thanks for the info @Altaria55:)

This isn’t necessarily true as the repainting is going to take really long (as repainting is only done during the regular repainting sessions which can be more then 5 years after delivery (from my knowledge). Also it was stated that the now confirmed liveries are only a selection of many! Hence I am still hopeful!


Well, sadly the old LH livery didn’t make it into IF the first round. But with that many liveries added probably there’s hope for the old livery to compliment IFs impressive fleet of A350s as it’s definitely missing in my opinion. I voted and hope you do too!


I have noticed this too! I truly love the orange style of the old livery and I’d wish to fly it before all Lufthansa A350’s gets repainted to the new livery.

Got my vote, very needed

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True, but still a very nice livery

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I much prefer this to the bland new livery.

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I think that they should keep some of the old liveries instead of repainting the entire fleet, because that livery was it all

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