Lufthansa A350-900 (New Livery)


I think that Lufthansa is one of the best looking A350s and I hope it gets added whenever the A350 is released. If you like it, make sure to vote for it!

Photo credit goes to Eurospot

About Lufthansa:

About the Airbus A350:

SWISS and LH A350
*New 2018 livery* Lufthansa a350-900
Lufthansa a350

Great looking livery! You have my vote!


This livery is very beautiful! Great request. 😃


Got my vote


Nice feature request and i vote for this livery. Love to see the new livery :-) I hope we also see the old one lol. Hehehe. . XD


Voted! Love the new Lufthansa livery


It has my attention and my name. Got my vote too!


I ran out of votes but it is a clean looking livery.


This one definitely deserves a vote.