Lufthansa A350-900 in Denver

On March 26, Lufthansa starts daily service to Munich from Denver on the A350-900. First A350 in Denver!

I can’t wait to see this flying around in Denver. This is a great combination, modern airport modern airplane.


Please, add more substance to your post so it can have more value to the Community. Talk about why you like this, maybe add a link, ask questions, something ya know?

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You’re welcome Denver! You are receiving one of the prettiest aircraft with the most sleek and stunning livery.

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Sorry for that, I posted the instagram post by @denairport

Replacing the A340-600 I see… the A350 is a great replacement for the 340, I think that this change is good to see, especially for Denver.

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I wonder what Lufthansa will add next… The A350 is only the beginning…


Cool! And they wont be starting service to Denver, they already fly an A340-600/A330-300 daily from Munich, to go along with the 744/8. Still, cool none the less.

If my memory is correct,t this will be the second time ever an A350 is coming to DIA, after the Delta one that came last year.


That’s why I said that on the A350

Technically, the Photo credits are in the photo because it is an IG page.

The looks of the a350 get me every time. 😍😍😍😍

Lufthansa is also replacing its seasonal from Munich to Vancouver from an A330 to A350! :D


It’s great to see LH’s A350 going to more and more places 😍


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