Lufthansa A340-600 Bathrooms


Hello IFC,
I was thinking back to when I was a young child, and I used to fly in between Europe and the U.S. quite often. One of the routes I flew a lot was from EDDM-KORD on Lufty and United (with the good old Battleship livery). Unfortunately I do not remember that well what type of aircraft I flew because I was only 4 yrs old or so, but one thing I remember was that there were bathrooms downstairs, which I always figured was a B744 then, because that is a double decker. After discussing with my non avGeek father (well he kinda is), he would always tell me that is was an A346, but I would always say a B744. Well, after some research, I have found out that it turns out the Lufty A346 has bathrooms downstairs!


Pretty neat feature, eh?


A380-400 you mean, just kidding, this is really cool though!


I also heard that a few of Thomas Cook’s A330’s have the lavatories stationed in the lower deck. Pretty neat feature to help increase that seating capacity right?


I suppose your kind of “non-AvGeek” father was correct after all… 😉


I remember flying on the Lufthansa A346. I thought the downstairs bathrooms were really interesting.

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Never heard of Thomas Cook’s feature, but it is a neat feature.

Yeah, kind of annoying because for once he can say that he one-upped me.😂😡😂


Yeah I can understand that 😂

Next Time you’ll be correct, prove him wrong 😜


I always loved the A340, somthing cool it can add to it’s list!


Pretty neat! Reminded me of a restaurant that shows you where the restrooms are when you need one! 😂

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to roam around the cabin in the A340-600 in IF and go to the lavatories downstairs? 😂


Thomas cook A330 have also lavatories at the lower deck. But Lufthansa was the first to introduce it on the A340. Yes, it adds more seats but it doesn’t have lots of space in the corridors and in the lavatories on the A330. A340 is better and comfortable since it’s fuselage is a bit wider and corridors isn’t that cramp.

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Honestly didn’t have high hopes of topic when reading the title but that’s actually pretty cool.


One more thing, on the first picture you see the mirror with a handle, it’s where the Cabin Crew Sleeping Quarter is.

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Really Interesting :)

Found a few videos on YouTube showcasing the Lower Deck Facilities


Sad to see that they will retire soon. No more toilets on the lower deck for Lufthansa. We can only see them A330 Thomas cook in the future.

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This is a pretty cool feature on the A340!


My non av-geek dad has flown the Lufthansa A346! He remembers the a feature and told me about it


Wow. They have a area for it, and u can stretch your legs. Definitely what to go on a A340 now

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I wasn’t aware of this on the 340’s. Add it to the list of what I love about them overall, I wish I saw more of them. Nice post, thank you!

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I would just step on a Lufty A340 to see this


Same, I would too

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