Lufthansa A333 landing in Paris

My morning landing in the superb (and soon even more superb) A333.

Eddb → Lfpg

Server : expert

I hope you enjoy the simple shot.


Soon we won’t be able to see this sight… thankfully


Well, it will improve for sure, but it is nice now as well!


Wow! That’s a really good shot!

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Thank you, a little bit edited tbh. It is such a lovely aircraft to fly! Cannot wait to see glimpses of the new version!

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Yes, but it is missing its iconic gear tilt.

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On its way! 😉

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Was it butter I had a butter with an Egypt Air at Dubai and it was buttery soon to upload. Can’t wait for the rework as they already dropped a teaser


It was ok (234ft/m). I am waiting just like you and curious to see how different the flight model might be.

Ill give u a pm when I upload