Lufthansa a321 (another) near collision with a drone at Munich Airport

I heard about this incident this evening, and just found this Aviation Herald Article. A Lufthansa a321 enroute from Frankfurt (EDDF) to Munich (EDDM) was on approach at Munich when it had a near collision with a drone. I think regulations on drones need to come, and FAST!


When are the regulators going to learn? It will eventually cause unaviodable deaths if no action is taken.

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One drone could kill >200 peoples… I think we have to stop sales drones

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I don’t think that drones should stop being sold entirely. I just think that people who operate drones have to have licences, and maybe even back ground checks before operating drones.


In Germany there’s a regulatory for drones?

I don’t think so.

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Here in Germany, I heard that they are planning regulations. It would be (Information could be outdated!) that every drone over 500 grams need a registration from the Luftfahrtbundesamt and you would need a license if you want to use it commercially. I don’t knownif they still have the same plans.

My drone is only 430g, tough. 😅👍

People should learn how to use drones correctly. You shouldn’t be flying a drone at 5000 feet around an airports approach. I have a drone (just a small one) and I don’t do anything stupid with it. I don’t believe that they should stop selling drones or that you should have a license to fly a drone, but I do believe that there should be regulations on where you can fly it at, like around an airport.

As a drone user, I am not an idiotic one. I use it for photography and projects, not flying it crazily around an airport.


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