Lufthansa A320 needs a new reg D-AIZR now belongs to Eurowings

I am gonna move this to #features

Moved to Features category. Not a support topic or bug.


I really think that the developers should not work on nitpicking things this minor. There are so many other things to work on with global coming up soon, and the implementation of wingflex. I’m just saying that this shouldn’t be a priority.

This is a duplicate though, if it’s in features.

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Then go ahead and merge it with the other. :) no need for duplicates.


I can’t lol. Can you?

Post the link of the duplicate, and sure thing. :)

This is a request to change the registration, not the new livery.

thats Borissia Dortmund football club logo ?

You’re a regular. You can move these things yourself:)

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No need to announce it, just do it.


As Cam said, we have more than 450 liverys, let’s say that 150 of those need a new registration which takes 10 minutes to change (according to you) 150*10=1500/60=25 hours. 25 hours is a lot, which could be used on much cooler stuff!


Wait so I Do what I think is right, ok now I get this regular thing

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Changing the reg. wouldn’t need coding…

When it comes down to what you see, everything is coding. There’s no way around it. That’s how a computer works. It’s a matter of how simple or hard it is to do.

I heard from Jarno that he just draws that stuff…

That’s just on Jarno’s en, maybe. There’s always coding somewhere

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The pure design of the aircraft is all draining and whatnot, then it comes down to what Laura does ;)


Not really, they have to make the model and a 3D model then they have to make a graphics and then they have to code it into the game. They also have to code the effects

You’re not the only one who paid for it. We should have a say in it too and I say let it be. There’s more important things in the works!