Lufthansa A320 needs a new reg D-AIZR now belongs to Eurowings



Yes it is because I paid for it


It does a bit to be fair


Yeah, nevermind… I deleted the post.

My man thanks brother

Cool is little dumb to not have 100% realistic model

Should this be in #features ?

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I love the livery on that aircraft!

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I don’t personally thinks this matters and think there are better things for the devs to do with their time than this, but what ever floats your goat.


Some aircraft will change registrations many times. Some get scrapped all together like the BA 767 did. Personally, I don’t think the developers should waste their time keeping track of every aircrafts registrations and make sure they’re up to date. At least for me, knowing that aircraft existed at some point in time is enough, but to each their own.


IMO another reg would be nice :)

Good point. Whilst it’s nice to have 100% realism, we need to remember that Infinite Flight has over 450 unique livery/aircraft combinations. Keeping track of that many registrations is a pain, and takes focus away from (far cooler) projects like brand new aircraft :)


That’s don’t take time to edit an New code minimum 10mins

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Yes it is missing to

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Could be renewed but there is much more stuff to work on.

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Dear Cameron I love the sim and all but is a little thing to fix is not that hard I guess
Is just u want an complete realism model that’s all and is not that hard to add a new reg

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Or FDS could make the plane a eurowings plane XD

The livery stuff is done via a texture file, which can often take some time to edit, transfer and get in game.


So? The Factory A330 crashed in Air France 447.

Can’t see any sense to renew the registration. If you wanna edit them, start at the A320 and go down to the B787. Til you finish the edit they might changed again.
Another question: How does the registration effect your flight?