Lufthansa A320 - Frankfurt to Heathrow

Hi everyone, this is a lovely little flight with the old Lufthansa A320, from Frankfurt to Heathrow. Cruise was FL360 and flight time was from 3:30pm local - 4:50pm local! I did this flight on Training Server on the 28th November!

At the gate, with a British Airways 787-9 taxiing to the runway.

Lining up on 07C, ready for takeoff!

Rotating at 3:50pm local.

Watching the sunset over Germany at 36,000ft!

Looking at France behind me, getting ready to descend down to Heathrow

A cockpit view of final approach, runway 27L.

Touchdown! Braking hard, ready to taxi.

At the gate, after 400nmi of beautiful scenery with a Lufthansa A350 in the background!


Ah the classic Swiss001 route

Amazing Shots!


I think you have to add flight details

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Stuff like airports are necessary, but I think the actual FPL is optional.

Thanks! I actually prefer the old livery to the new one for the a320, not sure why…

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Great photos mate

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Thanks! I took them a while ago but just found this lovely little topic!

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I do those kind of routes on a regular basis. Its great to explore europe with international real world flights

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Yeah, I definitely agree!

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