Lufthansa A320 EGLL

Beatiful Lufthansa A320 Pics at EGLL.
I did them while Taxing from my remote gate to Runway 27L. Enjoy 😀


Looks like a lot of your images didn’t finish uploading.

I would edit, delete then reupload those photos (make sure to wait for all of them to upload fully) then resubmit.


Nice photos! Just like what @BennyBoy said, make sure that your photos are fully uploaded. Nevertheless, great job.

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Oh yeah… 😅😅

Thank you very much

Thank you!
Have a great day

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The two photos are amazing, but I have a preference on the second one which is a-ma-zing! Taken at the perfect time, beautiful weather and with two different views of both aircraft. Well done!

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beautiful shots , well done!!!

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That gave me a Smile!
Im so happy you liked it!! 😃😃😃

Have a good day!

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Thank you very much!
Have a good day! :)