Lufthansa A320 (5-Starhansa livery)

Lufthansa-5 Starhansa A320-200 WL D-AIZX (17-Skytrax 5 Star Airline)(Grd) FRA (BNR)(46)-625x417
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Hello IFC,
in this feature request, I want to request the new Starhansa livery and I hope to see it in Infinite Flight soon. Lufthansa is the first European 5 Star Airline, rated by Skytrax. As a celebration they painted one Airbus A320 and one Boeing 747 in a special livery. I would like to see this livery in Infinite Flight.
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I like the livery but feel there are bigger requests that should be added first and then I will place a vote.
(Remember to vote for your own request)

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Hey. I totally agree. And I have already voted. ;)

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I‘m not a fan of special liveries in IF.

Special liveries are unique. They indeed are special. Providing them in IF would kinda destroy it since probably a lot of people will use it at the same time. They won’t be unique and special anymore.

Personally, the only difference in this livery than the normal livery is only the change of the Lufthansa name with 5 stars. Personally, tell me 5 more reasons why I should vote for this livery?

  • #1 Lufthansa is now officially on of the top airlines in the world.

  • #2 Its an expression of pride, and a symbol that delivering hard, good work pays back.

  • #3 It’s a symbol for that great success of LH and their reputation, they built up over the years.

  • #4 It wants you to become part of the success by trying out the awesome product, if you haven’t already ;)

  • #5 It looks just gorgeous on the A320 xD


I’ve got to agree with @Gliding_Central here. It is essentially the exact same as the normal livery just with 5 gold stars and a few extra letters. From far away it probably wouldn’t even be noticeable.


Lufthansa is a good airline (with the exception of they Intra-Europe Business Class) but the only reason they got bumped up from a 4 star to a 5 star rating is because they released info about their future long-haul business class product. They haven’t even implement it yet, but SkyTrax felt inclined to bump them up.

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