Lufthansa A320-200 New livery

my wish today is the new livery from lufthansa.

The paint is kept in a black tone, which looks visually beautiful. Lufthansa accuses the paint job of perfectly filling the tone of elegance and letting the crane (Bird on the Logo) fly in the sky in its tradition in new splendor. For me a must in Infinite Flight.

ps. This is not a duplicate, as another livery application does not contain sharklets and another contains the “old new” painting.

but this has been changed again and what you see here is the new finished product!

Sorry Mate, this is a duplicate! Feel free to vote for it here.

no, look at the sharklets and compare the color on the tail

They both have the same intention. To introduce the new LH livery. Doesn’t matter if they’re slightly different, the mods will pick the right livery if implemented. So the other thread pretty much asks for the current availabile livery.


There is no need for you to repeat what someone already said :)

Sorry didn’t see you had said it @anon41771314
Deleted it

It’s fine :)

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I do not think so, but if that’s how it is then it is :)

Thanks for your Answers


In this topic you mentioned, the photo of the aircraft seems to me to be an A320neo.