Lufthansa A320-200 (New Livery)

hi i just came across this beauty i really love LHs new livery so much really hope to get it on the a320 and the aircrafts already in game and i also really hope its included in the crj update but back to this specefic plane
airbus 320-214 registration D-AIZC serial number 4153. not my picture Luba Ostrovskaya

Duplicate. Show your support here.

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Well, this one has no sharklets so… I think it should stay open.


this livery inst the real thou
at my request the aircraft has no sharklets and BTW the already requested plane is an A320NEO

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That feature request you linked is a concept, this feature request is the real deal.


Then I suggest you change the title because it is pretty much the exact same title as the previous topic.

@Kiz, whether it is a concept or not, that post was still posted in #features, so it is a feature request. The livery will soon be coming in real life or already is out there flying.

Lufthansa is repainting their new liveries, because it’s too dark blue in cloudy weather, so wait a coulpe of months untill they update it.

The topic has no vote, nor do I have a vote for it at the moment, but I would love to see it in the simulator.

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Take my vote here for this beautiful livery!