Lufthansa A319 Star Alliance Livery

I think that IF is missing this beauty

Would be an awesome addition to The A320 Family in IF
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I agree there should be a Star Alliance A320 livery.

To be honest, I think they’re better than American’s livery…

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You got my vote :)

every star alliance livery is a beauty!

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Yer damn right sir.


What a beauty!

Awesome livery!

Beautiful livery

Yep, spotted her IRL, she is beautiful :)

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Looks nice livery!

Really nice

We definitely need more Star Alliance liveries

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I would love to fly this one :)

Voted! I would love to see this

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I’m out of votes but I would love to see this. Would deffo fly this little beauty

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Nice livery, i think its better with a320

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Hm I kinda like the livery on the A319, too :)

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