Lufthansa A310

What’s up guys? Another feature request for y’all.😅 So the A310 was a modified A300. It was smaller in order to increase range. (Think of the 747SP, just more successful…) Lufthansa has these planes in their fleet from 1995 all of the way up until 2004. They in my opinion served well to the airline and look great with the Lufthansa livery! But that’s just me. What do you guys think?



Isn’t it looking awesome? Want it. Now.

Let’s see what the future brings, hopefully some older planes like the A300, A310, B707 or B727, I mean the only “older airliner” is the B747-200 currently. But with this loong list of upcoming reworks, new planes and awaited reworks it could take a while.


Look at the waving first officer. Thats awesome

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First we need A310 then the livery?


Yeah I understand. I just want to see a plane that looks like a smaller A330.🙂

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I don’t think the A310 is on the horizon but if it does get released sometime
Lufthansa will definately be on there with the release because along with Swiss Lufthansa was a launch airline for the A310 I believe

EDIT:These airbus OGs would be amazing to have btw

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Yeah I just love the shape of the airplane too! Not to mention the colors of Lufthansa’s sorta modern livery!

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I think everyone would like to see more planes, but it will take a while until a possible release.

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Looks like an ugly fat plane.
Like extreme landings graphics

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